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Wednesday June 20

510am: Cup coffee & half banana

530am: 30 day shred

550am: Quick shower rinse

6am: Cup coffee & bowl flax seed granola w/ soy milk

7am: Other half of banana

10am: Handful almonds

1230-1ish: Sushi w/ soy sauce & coffee after


3pm: Carrots & sugar snap peas & green tea

330pm: 20 mins. of running straight, 20 mins. up hill running

Shower & clean room

530ish pm: Cup black bean soup

8pm: Ab workout, cup green tea & reading

9pm: Bed

May 29

Workout: 30 Day Shred

Breakfast: Granola, boiled egg, orange and coffee than green tea

Snack: Carrots and fruit leather

Lunch: Rice crackers& peanut butter, and green tea

Snack: Roasted almonds and Zero Redbull

Workout: 30-40 mins. cardio & toning machines @ Gym

Dinner: protein fruit smoothie & green tea

Treat of the day: NONE because I havent been doing good lately.

Wednesday May 23

Workout: Toning exercises &30 min. cardio

Shower/get ready

Breakfast: One boiled egg & banana/orange & coffee

Snack: Carrots & sugar snap peas

Lunch: Brown rice & yellow curry & tofu

Workout: Toning machines, stair master & eliptical

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Fruit protein smoothie

Monday May 21

Workout: Toning exercises & stretching

Breakfast: Hard Boiled egg & banana

Snack: Almonds & carrots

Lunch: Wheat thins, salami & sugar snap peas

Snack: Fruit leather

Walk dog if nice out or 20 min. hill running, homework & study

Dinner: protein smoothie or veggies & proteins

Workout: 30 min. interval running & toning exercises

Wednesday May 16

Workout: Toning exercises to warm up & 40 min. interval running@ 5am

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs & coffee @6am

Snack: Almonds@9am

Lunch: Emerald City smoothie w/ protein@1230pm

Workout: Gym for stair master, toning machines, & eliptical@2ish pm

Snack: Veggies & Luna Bar@3pm

Study & homework@4ishpm

Dinner: Veggies & protein@6ishpm

Workout: Walk dog@7ishpm

Bed @9pm

Sunday May 13

Breakfast: Coffee & banana

Workout: 30 min. run

Brunch: fruit hash browns & bacon omnomnom

Workout: gym for stair master & toning

Snack: almonds & veggies

Dinner: protein & veggies


Today to do list


chem hw

history hw

math hw & project

pysch hw

clean/organize room

Thursday May 10

Workout: Toning exercises

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, banana & coffee

Snack: Almonds & cranberries

Lunch: Peanut butter rice cake sandwich, veggies & fruit leather

Snack: Luna bar & apple & sugar free redbull


Workout: 30 min. interval running

Dinner: Protein & veggies

Sauna & shower

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Perfect body.


Perfect body.

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